Just enough AutoCAD 2006 by George Omura

Book cover1

In the design and manufacturing industry, engineers frequently use the CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software for creating technical drawings. If you are trying to learn CAD, you should refer to this book.  

AutoCAD is the most well-known CAD that supports both 2D and 3D formats. With this software, an engineer can easily create simple structures to complex ones. In order to help you learn AutoCAD with ease, this book is organised into general topics like “Drawing 2D objects” and “Creating 3D drawings”. Before you start, I would recommend that you go through chapter one on “Getting familiar with AutoCAD” thoroughly. This chapter provides an overview of AutoCAD’s layout (user interface). It will guide you though the AutoCAD window, the icons on the window, their functions and when to use them. You must be familiar with the content in chapter one before you move on to the following chapters.

Don’t worry if you are new to AutoCAD. I find that this book is written for beginners as it is easy to understand and you can follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own technical drawing.

Location: North

Call Number: T385 OMU 2005 

Written by: Duong Trung Truc


Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by David Moore, George McCabe and Bruce Craig

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Have you ever wondered why you need to study statistics and how this knowledge can be applied to your daily life? Well, if you are still doubtful on the usefulness of statistics, this book will be a helpful tool.  

Generally, this book is useful to all students taking the module on statistics. It has adequate coverage on data analysis, statistical reasoning and practical applications to the real-world. At the end of each chapter, you can find a new set of ‘Exploring the Web’ exercises. If you really want to have a deeper understanding on the topic, you should follow the online exercises to analyse data, investigate statistical issues, and learn about new applications of statistics.

Furthermore, this latest edition included 30% new/updated exercises and many new current examples to enhance your learning experience.

Location: East

Call Number: QA 276.12 MOR 2012 

Written by: Dang Dinh Bach

The Best American Comics 2010 (edited by Neil Gaiman, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden)

Book cover1

Do you like to read comics? What make comics so special that they can attract readers of all ages, all nationalities and from all walks of life?  

Comics, in my opinion, are commonly used to disseminate information. Comics, also known as graphic novels, are the oldest form of information. Before characters even appear, cliff paintings played the most important role in recording history and exchange of information. Cliff paintings that describe historical events were drawn with simple lines and colours, so they are the original form of comics.

Along with the history, comics become the carrier of our dreams. Aliens, spaceships, futuristic robots and super-heroes have been the favourites in every era. Nowadays, comics have become the most popular form of novels in the world and some of them are even made into movies.  

You may not have the time to read all the comics. Therefore, you should read this book which contains some of the best American comics published from September 2008 to August 2009. This book even included mini-comics, pamphlet issues and webcomics.  

Location: East

Call Number: PN 6726 BES 2010 

Written by: Chen Si Kai

Good hair by Libby Peacock

Book coverAll of us love our hair! I am sure you want to have a healthy scalp and beautiful looking hair. However, many of us may not have the proper knowledge on how to take good care of our hair.

With this book on hand, you can find out more about your hair and the right ways to manage it. This book will tell you all about the different types of hair, growth cycle, common hair and scalp problems, etc. Most importantly, there are suggestions for solving hair problems, either naturally or artificially.

This book also lists the chemicals that we are exposed to during hair treatments such as colouring, perming and straightening. These chemicals will cause certain level of damages to our hair. Read this book to find out what to do to prevent damages to your hair after being treated by chemical products.

Most of us have the misconception that shampoo can improve hair fall problem, but it actually does not help at all. There are many more useful tips in this book and I would recommend all of you to use this book as a guide if you want a beautiful head of hair.

Location: West (Choice Reads)

Call Number: Z 646.724 PEA 

Written by: Tan Wen Chien (Wendy)

Teens Guide to College & College Planning – Studentedge.com

teens guide

In a few months’ time, year 3 students who are currently in their last semester here at Republic Polytechnic (RP) would have graduated. It is at times like these where this book serves as useful reference and guidance in helping potential graduates on their plans after polytechnic – be it to pursue further studies at a University, or enter the workforce. When it comes to career planning, I believe that it is never too early for a student to start thinking about what’s about to come after graduation and this book is a worthy read.

The different career/ college tracks have been extensively listed, along with the potentially suitable courses which will prepare a student for his/her desired career. Useful information pertaining to the workplace, such as getting used to the work environment, handling stress and/or peer-pressure in an unfamiliar environment have also been included.

It is a highly suitable read for proactive students who are thinking about their plans after graduation, and can also be read together with their parents to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas so that the student will have a clearer understanding of life as a polytechnic graduate.

Written by Xi Aijun
Location: South
Call number: JOB LB 2350.5 TEE 2008

Vintage Singapore: Souvenirs from Recent Past – Chung May Khuen, Ong May Anne, Sim Wan Hui, Tamilselvi Siva, Jason Toh, and Wong Hong Suen

vintagesingaporeDear all, if you like to collect old items or have some special feeling to the past time that your parents or grandparents live, I strongly recommend you to read this book. It is like a picture album where it showcase pictures of old photos, posters, advertisement, dolls in Singapore from the 1940s to 1970s.

There are altogether six chapters in this book.  The first chapter “Keepsakes from the Past” reminds us the importance of remembering the contribution of the older generation. The remaining chapters are in five categories – “Singapore Science”, “Singapore Dining”, “Singapore Childhood”, “Singapore Style” and “Singapore Home”.

Interesting items such as the Ovaltine drink and old F&N brand can be found under the section “Singapore Dining”. You may find old toys that you have played during your childhood days in the section “Singapore Childhood”. Start picking up the book to read and find your own memories in this book now.



Written by CHEN SI KAI

Call no.: AM 151 VIN 2006

Location: South

Chris Crawford on Interactive Storytelling – Chris Crawford

chris crawford

You must have heard of the author of this book, Chris Crawford, if you are an avid computer game developer, as he is a pioneer in the Computer Gaming industry. Experienced in designing and programming 14 games which have been released in the market-to-date, he has also written 5 books on software design and founded the Computer Game Developers Conference.

There are 21 chapters contained in this book on the process of interactive storytelling, beginning from the initial phase of transforming the story all the way to final phases of prognostications. Key concepts of interactive storytelling, such as the assembling of verbs into events, building of useful personality models (of game characters) and the sequencing of the characters’ behavior in progressive phases are also covered. Through the incorporation of step-by-step elaborations, analysis and chapter summary, readers of this book will find it a lot easier to gauge if their learning objectives have been achieved. There has also been generous usage of detailed diagrams and illustrations to further aid understanding, and this book is useful for aspiring computer game developers.


Written by Angeline Chong Yi Ting
Call number: GV1469.17.S86 CRA 2005
Location: South