Aviation Maintenance Management by Harry A. Kinnison

Book cover

In the aviation industry, engineers frequently use the maintenance manuals for troubleshooting and handing maintenance work. If you are interested on how the aviation maintenance is managed systematically, you should refer to this book.

This book is a unique resource that covers aircraft maintenance program, project development and operations from a managerial, technical and an engineer’s perspective. It also includes methods on saving money by minimizing aircraft downtime and slashing maintenance and repair costs, which is crucial for the aviation industry. You can also read about establishing an initial maintenance program which includes identifying or monitoring maintenance problems and trends. The author has also included useful references on the FAA regulations, advisory circulars, and case reports.

This book is a great resource material for students who are taking module E364 on Aviation Maintainers Practices. You will have an overview on how managers develop and run efficient, reliable, and cost-effective airline maintenance programs. For those who need some notes for revision, you can refer to the summaries for main concepts covered in each chapter and go through the case studies. In summary, this is an excellent textbook for students as well as engineers who need essential information on aviation maintenance management.

Location: North
Call Number: TL671.9 KIN 2004
Written by: Liau Sean Keng


Discover Thailand by China Williams, Mark Beales, Tim Bewer and Catherine Bodry

Book cover

Discover Thailand, published by the Lonely Planet, is a one-stop travel guide on Thailand. It is easy to find important information as this book comes with a quick reference guide that includes a wide range of information. This handy guide also contains many useful tips provided by travellers and locals.  

You can find useful information such as currency used, weather, various accommodations with estimated price quotes, emergency telephone numbers, operating hours of places of interest and more. The book also highlights some of the “must-go” places and “must-do” activities when you are in Thailand. You should also not miss out the section on local delicacies that can only be found based on insider tips provided by the locals.

Unlike the typical travel guides, this book has all the information that you need before you travel to different parts of Thailand. With the recommendations in this book, you can plan the itinerary before going on your trip and include all the places that you intend to visit. Before you go on your next vacation, borrow this book from the library.

Location: West (Choice Reads)

Call Number: 915.9304 DT 

Written by: Angeline Chong Yi Ting

The big book of marketing: lessons and best practices from the world’s greatest companies/ edited by Anthony G. Bennett

Book cover

Students who are taking module B216 Marketing may refer to this book in addition to the recommended textbook.  

The Big Book of Marketing covers all the topics that we need to learn: the 4Ps, branding, consumer behaviour, marketing strategies, product management, store retailing, etc. I find that this book is unique as the case studies are written by 110 experts from the world’s most successful companies. You should read the case studies if you want to have a deeper understanding on each topic and find out how the companies are applying those marketing tools, strategies and more.

As UT 3 approaches, I hope you will make good use of this book for your revision.

Location: South

Call Number: HF5415 BIG 2010

Written by: Zhou Yuwei

EQ and leadership in Asia: using emotional intelligence to lead and inspire your people by Sebastien Henry

Book cover

We interact with people every day so it is essential that we communicate well with other people. To be able to communicate well, you will not only need IQ (intelligence quotient) but emotional intelligence as well. With emotional intelligence, you will be able to identify and make use of emotions within yourself and of others.

I feel that the chapter on developing emotional intelligence is the most relevant to me. The author has given a four-step model in developing emotional intelligence. It may sound easy to follow the steps but this requires practice and a lot of discipline. You may even have to break some habits and change your behaviour. Another interesting chapter is the one that talks about preventing damaging emotional outbursts. As people work in teams, it is inevitable to have disagreement at times. This chapter displays some techniques on controlling anger and preventing emotional peaks.      

I think this book will be useful to those who are leading a team. If you aspire to be a better leader who can lead a team to achieve desirable results, you have to pick up this book.   

Location: South

Call Number: BF576 HEN 2011

Written by: Aung Kyi Su Su Zin

10-second wisdom book: over 180 sayings for you to enjoy by Low Guat Tin

Book cover

Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, all we need is just that little bit of humour to brighten up our day? If you are just looking for something light to read, this is the book for you.

The title says it all – it will only take 10 seconds to become wiser! Each light-hearted and yet meaningful quote is accompanied by Janice Baruch’s funny cartoons. As you read and digest each quote, I believe that you will start to see things differently or even reflect on your life in a less serious manner.  

As you read further into this book, you will realise that you can actually apply these quotes in real life. If you can put them into practice, I think you will be able to face and handle difficult situations with ease. You will also learn when to say “yes” and when is the right time to say “no” to others.

You can read this book early in the morning while you are having your breakfast. I am sure it will brighten up your entire day. So why not try to be happier and wiser? It only takes 10 seconds! 

Location: West (Choice Reads)

Call Number: 828 LOW

Written by: Angeline Chong Yi Ting

Extreme Engineering – Holland’s Barriers to the Sea

Book cover

Imagine the unimaginable breakthrough in construction?

This series of documentaries – Extreme Engineering, covers existing, constructing and conceptual projects that redefine the limits.

Holland is constantly being threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change. In the past, they have been fighting against the sea with a series of windmills and barriers. Until the 21st Century, the sea is still a threat to the nation but advances in technology and engineering have made it possible for them to build safer and more effective barriers like the Maeslantkering and Oosterscheldekering Barries featured in this documentary.

Extreme Engineering covers a broad range of ideas and shows you how engineers go against the odds to solve different problems. There are 26 titles in RP Library which include Tokyo’s sky city, subways in America, Iceland tunnels and Dubai ski resort. Every video will fulfil your hunger for new knowledge and uncover your imagination!    

Location: South (AV)

Call Number: TC558.N4  EXT 2003

Written by: Lai Jen Hong

Just enough AutoCAD 2006 by George Omura

Book cover1

In the design and manufacturing industry, engineers frequently use the CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software for creating technical drawings. If you are trying to learn CAD, you should refer to this book.  

AutoCAD is the most well-known CAD that supports both 2D and 3D formats. With this software, an engineer can easily create simple structures to complex ones. In order to help you learn AutoCAD with ease, this book is organised into general topics like “Drawing 2D objects” and “Creating 3D drawings”. Before you start, I would recommend that you go through chapter one on “Getting familiar with AutoCAD” thoroughly. This chapter provides an overview of AutoCAD’s layout (user interface). It will guide you though the AutoCAD window, the icons on the window, their functions and when to use them. You must be familiar with the content in chapter one before you move on to the following chapters.

Don’t worry if you are new to AutoCAD. I find that this book is written for beginners as it is easy to understand and you can follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own technical drawing.

Location: North

Call Number: T385 OMU 2005 

Written by: Duong Trung Truc