Lonely Planet Thailand

thailandThe ‘Land of Smiles’ is also what Thailand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world is commonly known as. Apart from the scenic landscape, the warmth and friendliness of its people attract an increasing number of travels to the countries. I’m sure that some of you are planning to travel to this beautiful country during the upcoming term vacation, and whether you are travelling alone or with a tour group, I believe that Lonely Planet: Thailand will be a good guide for you to bring along with you on your trip.

My visit to Thailand last September with a group of friends on a free and easy trip was made possible through this useful guide, as it has provided information on choosing accommodation using the different online travel booking websites available and details on how to go about booking accommodation. On top of that, must-visit tourist attractions and specific scenic locations have been included for travellers’ consideration to include in their itinerary. Travel tips on navigating about the country using the different modes of transport have also been included.

As Lonely Planet is an independent guide, I find the coverage extremely objective and professional – where authors have personally visited these places and written about them without being enticed by incentives. Reading this guide, I could not help feeling excited about visiting Thailand again as it has encapsulated all the essentials which you need to know about the country, and believe that you will feel the same.

With this book, you will have a perfect trip to Thailand!

Location : South

Call Number: DS566.2 THA 2005

Written by Zhou Yuwei



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