EQ and leadership in Asia: using emotional intelligence to lead and inspire your people by Sebastien Henry

Book cover

We interact with people every day so it is essential that we communicate well with other people. To be able to communicate well, you will not only need IQ (intelligence quotient) but emotional intelligence as well. With emotional intelligence, you will be able to identify and make use of emotions within yourself and of others.

I feel that the chapter on developing emotional intelligence is the most relevant to me. The author has given a four-step model in developing emotional intelligence. It may sound easy to follow the steps but this requires practice and a lot of discipline. You may even have to break some habits and change your behaviour. Another interesting chapter is the one that talks about preventing damaging emotional outbursts. As people work in teams, it is inevitable to have disagreement at times. This chapter displays some techniques on controlling anger and preventing emotional peaks.      

I think this book will be useful to those who are leading a team. If you aspire to be a better leader who can lead a team to achieve desirable results, you have to pick up this book.   

Location: South

Call Number: BF576 HEN 2011

Written by: Aung Kyi Su Su Zin


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