Extreme Engineering – Holland’s Barriers to the Sea

Book cover

Imagine the unimaginable breakthrough in construction?

This series of documentaries – Extreme Engineering, covers existing, constructing and conceptual projects that redefine the limits.

Holland is constantly being threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change. In the past, they have been fighting against the sea with a series of windmills and barriers. Until the 21st Century, the sea is still a threat to the nation but advances in technology and engineering have made it possible for them to build safer and more effective barriers like the Maeslantkering and Oosterscheldekering Barries featured in this documentary.

Extreme Engineering covers a broad range of ideas and shows you how engineers go against the odds to solve different problems. There are 26 titles in RP Library which include Tokyo’s sky city, subways in America, Iceland tunnels and Dubai ski resort. Every video will fulfil your hunger for new knowledge and uncover your imagination!    

Location: South (AV)

Call Number: TC558.N4  EXT 2003

Written by: Lai Jen Hong


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