The Best American Comics 2010 (edited by Neil Gaiman, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden)

Book cover1

Do you like to read comics? What make comics so special that they can attract readers of all ages, all nationalities and from all walks of life?  

Comics, in my opinion, are commonly used to disseminate information. Comics, also known as graphic novels, are the oldest form of information. Before characters even appear, cliff paintings played the most important role in recording history and exchange of information. Cliff paintings that describe historical events were drawn with simple lines and colours, so they are the original form of comics.

Along with the history, comics become the carrier of our dreams. Aliens, spaceships, futuristic robots and super-heroes have been the favourites in every era. Nowadays, comics have become the most popular form of novels in the world and some of them are even made into movies.  

You may not have the time to read all the comics. Therefore, you should read this book which contains some of the best American comics published from September 2008 to August 2009. This book even included mini-comics, pamphlet issues and webcomics.  

Location: East

Call Number: PN 6726 BES 2010 

Written by: Chen Si Kai


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