Good hair by Libby Peacock

Book coverAll of us love our hair! I am sure you want to have a healthy scalp and beautiful looking hair. However, many of us may not have the proper knowledge on how to take good care of our hair.

With this book on hand, you can find out more about your hair and the right ways to manage it. This book will tell you all about the different types of hair, growth cycle, common hair and scalp problems, etc. Most importantly, there are suggestions for solving hair problems, either naturally or artificially.

This book also lists the chemicals that we are exposed to during hair treatments such as colouring, perming and straightening. These chemicals will cause certain level of damages to our hair. Read this book to find out what to do to prevent damages to your hair after being treated by chemical products.

Most of us have the misconception that shampoo can improve hair fall problem, but it actually does not help at all. There are many more useful tips in this book and I would recommend all of you to use this book as a guide if you want a beautiful head of hair.

Location: West (Choice Reads)

Call Number: Z 646.724 PEA 

Written by: Tan Wen Chien (Wendy)


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