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teens guide

In a few months’ time, year 3 students who are currently in their last semester here at Republic Polytechnic (RP) would have graduated. It is at times like these where this book serves as useful reference and guidance in helping potential graduates on their plans after polytechnic – be it to pursue further studies at a University, or enter the workforce. When it comes to career planning, I believe that it is never too early for a student to start thinking about what’s about to come after graduation and this book is a worthy read.

The different career/ college tracks have been extensively listed, along with the potentially suitable courses which will prepare a student for his/her desired career. Useful information pertaining to the workplace, such as getting used to the work environment, handling stress and/or peer-pressure in an unfamiliar environment have also been included.

It is a highly suitable read for proactive students who are thinking about their plans after graduation, and can also be read together with their parents to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas so that the student will have a clearer understanding of life as a polytechnic graduate.

Written by Xi Aijun
Location: South
Call number: JOB LB 2350.5 TEE 2008


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