How to implement Lean Manufacturing – Lonnie Wilson

lean manufacturingHave you ever driven on a highway before? Do you think that driving on a straight highway would be faster than that of driving on a highway with twists and turns? And, should the highway be full of bends, what can we do?

Lean manufacturing is the method to achieve the efficiency akin to that of ‘travelling on the highway’ for manufacturing industries. Students pursuing the Diploma in Supply Chain Management, Diploma in Industrial & Operations Management or Diploma in Aerospace Engineering here at Republic Polytechnic will be required to undertake the module Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (E326) as one of the compulsory modules, and I recommend this book as this will greatly aid one’s understanding of the module.

Similar to other books on lean manufacturing, this book has incorporated various chapters on introducing the concept of lean manufacturing to reads, as well as the methods to go about implementing lean manufacturing in organizations. However, what truly sets it apart from others in this area is the fact that it has made us of the initial chapter to provide an overview of what’s about the come in each of the later chapters thereby pre-empting readers for issues which they will be exploring and equipping them with possibly the best manner in which they are reading the book. The incorporation of real-life case studies have also made the reading experience more memorable and subsequent application of concepts in real-life easier, which is useful for students who are adopting the problem-based learning (PBL) pedagogy.


Written by: Chen Si Kai

Call no.: TS 157 WIL 2010

Location: North


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