Network security : know it all / James Joshi … [et al.]

Taking the Network Security module this year? Want to know a thing or two about Network Security? Network Security: Know It All has the answer to your questions! This book has it all – it covers the fundamental topics of network security administration such as detecting, protecting, and preventing all major network-based attacks, and it walks you through each chapter with examples to help you understand key security concepts effectively. This book will teach you how to devise and develop an effective security strategy to help protect the privacy of your network, and expose you to how wireless network security is done in the real world.

If you are up for more in-depth learning, you should find the online links provided in the book to be quite a challenging. But if you are just a beginner, the contents in this book should be just enough for you to understand the basics of network security, and to guide you through the entire 15 weeks of the Network Security module.

So if network security is something that is of interest to you, this book is for you!

Location:         North

Call Number:   TK5105.59 NET 2008

Written by:      Mak Woon Chong


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