Fundamentals of electrical engineering / Charles A. Gross, Thaddeus A. Roppel.

We use electronics like phones, light bulbs and computers in our daily lives. The convenience of these applicances makes life easier, and are made possible by Electrical Engineering, thus making it an important field of study these days. Since we encounter electical engineering in our daily lives, it would be good to have some knowledge about the subject so that we would be able to understand more about the machines we use every day and the principles behind them.

Fundamentals of electrical engineering covers not only the theories but also provides examples of the problems that we face in the real world. It starts off with the basics of electronics such as analog and digital logics, AC and DC principles, Kirchhoff’s Laws and different types of energy system. Then it introduces the basics of electronic systems such as resistor, capacitors, semiconductor devices, diodes, Transistors (BJT and MOSFET transistors), sensors, microcontrollers, etc. It even introduces us to the amazing “ROBOTS”.

In conclusion, after reading this book, even if you had no Engineering background, you would be able to get a general idea of it. It will also benefit Engineers who want to advance their knowledge. Moreover, it includes some real life Electrical engineering problems and solutions, as well as its application in our society. The book also includes pictures of its applications like the Articulated Robot, Solar thermal installations as well as clear circuit illustrations for us to understand more about Electrical Engineering. So, I would recommended this book to anyone who wants to understand Electrical Engineering.

Location:         North

Call Number:   TK148 GRO 2012

Written by:      Aung Kyi Su Su Zin


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