The Interviewer’s Pocketbook by John Townsend

The author of this book, John Townsend, has written a number of management and professional guides and he is also a regular speaker at conferences. In this book, he has given many tips on becoming a good interviewer. Although this book may not be directly relevant to us now, I think it is necessary for us to understand what the interviewers look out for during interviews. When we look for a job after graduation or attend the pre-internship interview, we know what to expect from the interviewers and be well-prepared for it.   

I think that the chapter on reading body language is rather interesting. I learnt that body language actually consists of postures & gestures, eye contact, orientation, proximity, appearance and expressions of emotion. Our body language and facial expressions will tell a lot more than the words we speak. If you are going for an interview soon, read this book beforehand and go through the interview process with a friend or practise in front of a mirror.    

This pocketbook is really useful as it provides concise information and diagrams to help you understand each point easily. If you do not want to read the entire book, you can always refer to the last five pages of skills summaries.

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Written by: Xi Aijun


One thought on “The Interviewer’s Pocketbook by John Townsend

  1. this article has helped me a lot. The next time i go to an interview i wont just show up a couple of minutes early, i will show up about 30 minutes early. It is a lot better to be early and pay attention to the time and show you are commited rather than be late and act like you dont care. Also i will remember what to do with my body language. i will remember that it is important to sit properly and make good eye contact and stay focused the whole time.

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