An indulgence a day : 365 simple ways to spoil yourself / Andrea Norville & Patrick Menton.

Are you feeling stressed and pressured by school or work? Can’t seem to find the right time to do something you love to do? Feeling a little bored by day to day life or afraid to try something new?

Well, this book may be just what you’re looking for! The book introduces 365 simple, random, affordable and enjoyable things that you can do in your daily life. Among these brilliant and crazy ideas, include having dessert as dinner, donating your things to a charity, having a Disney movie marathon at home, or simply just holding the door for someone – a simple thing that you do may just make someone’s day without you even realising it.

Do something that makes you feel good, some of which are practical pleasures, soul satisfaction, juvenile joy, etc. So why not take this opportunity to read up and try out some of these fun and random things and loosen up a bit!

Location:         West

Call Number:   Z 158.1 NOR

Written by:      Angeline Chong Yi Ting


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