Computer Forensics – Incident Response Essentials – Warren G. Kruse II, Jay G. Heiser

Computer Forensics – Incident Response Essentials is brought to you by the experienced Jay G. Heiser, who possesses more than 15 years’ experience in Information Technology (IT) security at a key financial institution. Second-year Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) students who are currently undertaking Digital Forensics as a module this semester will find this book indispensable as it covers all the crucial concepts that one will learning in the module. And, for those who are looking to push themselves a little further, there are even extra chapters to keep you busy. (UNIX, anyone?)

In this book, you should be looking out for chapters pertaining to Chain of Custody, Filesystems, how to deal with digital evidence obtained from the crime scene, as well as how to extract potentially useful data from computers which are Windows-operated. As with all other forensics-related topics, practice is essential when it comes to helping students better understand the subject, which I believe the ample screenshots provided in the book should come in especially handy when you are looking to refer to when performing data extraction using the steps elaborated.


Location: East             

Call Number: QA 76.9.A25 KRU 2002

Written by: Mak Woon Chong


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