Applied Human Factors in Aviation Maintenances – Dr Manoj S. Patankar & Dr. James C. Taylor

Humans are often imperfect, and commit errors which may hinder proper functioning in aviation operation. In aviation maintenance, there are many different factors which could affect the judgment of maintenance personnel, resulting in improper handling of equipment and sometimes, maintenance processes.

Many accidents which are resulted from human error occur in a typical year, and it is thus important for students of aerospace and aviation to develop an idea on the causes of accidents in the aviation industry. Through this book Applied Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance, students get to review the case studies of previous investigations taken on by the United States National Transportation Safety Board (US NTSB) and better understand the implications of accidents resulting from the misconduct of personnel.

Different aviation rules and regulations are also covered in this book, including a list of specifications and code of conduct expected of aviation maintenance personnel. This book serves as a great resource for students enrolled in E365 (Aviation Human Factors) as it provides detailed information on the subject and summaries at the end of each chapter to aid understanding and retention of key concepts. The practical insight provided through the case studies also helps appreciate the importance of upholding the proper code of conduct and ethics during aviation maintenance.

Location:         North

Call Number:   TL 671.9 PAT 2004

Written by:      LIAU SEAN KENG


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