Organizational behavior: emerging knowledge and practice for the real world by Steven L. McShane

I heard that many Year 1 students are struggling with the module on organisational behaviour. When I walked into the library today, I chanced upon this textbook. I glimpsed through a few chapters and I knew immediately that this would be a useful textbook for all of us.

Basically, this book is divided into four parts with a total of 15 chapters. Likewise, the book moves from introduction to in-depth content gradually, which is similar to our curriculum. More than often, we will refer to the 6P given to us, which only contains the abstract and summarised learning points for each lesson. Therefore, it is very challenging for us to understand the theories by referring to these notes alone. We will need to read this book, which will help us in comprehending the main concepts with simple examples and analogies.

With this book, I find it easier to follow my lessons and applied the concepts to daily problems. There are learning objectives and a chapter summary in each chapter, which makes it easier for us during revision. Borrow this book from the library today and I am sure that you will find it useful in clearing your doubts and preparing for the upcoming UT.

Location: South

Call No.: HD58.7 MAC 2010

Written By: Chen Qunming


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