25 Toughest sales objections (and how to overcome them) by Stephan Schiffman

This book is very helpful to students who are studying on sales management or intend to embark on a career in sales.  

A customer can have many different reasons for not buying your product or service. It can be due to price, quality, time, needs or even company objections. This book will tell you the 25 toughest sales objections from customers and provide you with some guidelines on how to handle those objections.

For example, a customer will refuse to buy a product because the price is too high or it does not serve his needs. He may not tell you what he wants or needs. But as a salesperson, you will have to probe and find out the reasons for turning down your offer. You will need to ask questions and help your customer solve his problems. If your customer is satisfied with your explanations or solutions, he is more likely to buy your product.

This is just one of the examples given in this book. There are many more real-life examples and practical tips that you can learn to handle sales objections.

Hope you will enjoy reading this book!

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Written by Nguyen Quang Minh


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