Bullying prevention and intervention: realistic strategies for schools by Susan M. Swearer, Dorothy L. Espelage and Scott A. Napolitano

This book is meant for teachers, mentors and parents who need to understand bullying and implement effective methods to prevent bullying and violence in schools. It is inevitable to encounter cases of bullying such as verbal harassment or even physical assault, which can cause the victims to be emotionally distressed.

This book highlights the causes of bullying behaviour in elementary, middle and high schools. The authors have provided many realistic examples on bullying in schools, giving you insights on how and why bullying occurs in schools. The authors also elaborated on the possible factors which resulted in bullying behaviour, the consequences and impacts on the victims. Most importantly, you can refer to this book for guidelines on how educators can implement preventive measures and invention programmes in schools. Last but not least, the authors have recommended some strategies on reducing bullying. These strategies include enhancing the home –school relationship and getting family and peers intervention to help students involved in bullying.

I believe this book can help educators and parents in developing better ideas on preventing bullying in schools and working together to create a safer environment for all students.

Location: South

Call number: LB3013.32 SWE 2009

Written by: Nguyen Quang Minh


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