Foundation in pharmacy practice / Ben J. Whalley … [et al.]

This book is specially designed for the students whose major is in pharmacy and the professional pharmacist. As the name implies, the book is about the basic concepts which should be known in field of pharmacy practice. Let me share a little on what pharmacy practice is about before going into detail about the book. Pharmacy practice is the discipline of applying pharmaceutical knowledge and skills in real patient care. So, it involves interaction with patients and healthcare professionals. The main interest is the well-being of the patients.

The book provides a good start for beginners as it touches on fundamental knowledge. It talks about NHS, National Health Service, in England. If you are not interested in knowing about it, you can skip that part. The different roles of Community pharmacist, hospital pharmacist, primary care pharmacist and industrial pharmacist are covered clearly. It will help to clarify the pharmacy students’ doubts about career opportunities available. As a pharmacist, communication skills are very important. In assessing the patient’s conditions, a clever pharmacist should know what kind of questions should be asked, how to make use of body language and voice. Communication with other healthcare professionals is essential in managing a patient’s health better. This book gives tips on the interactions with both patients and other healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, this book explains about the interpretation of prescription – something which is very critical and essential for a pharmacist to know. There are Latin abbreviations commonly used in the prescription. The pharmacist should be familiar with these. The book also mentions packaging materials used for medicines. Extemporaneous preparations are also described. These preparations are carried out when there is no medicine available with the desired dosage form and strength. The main routes of administrations which medicines can be administered through are covered.

To sum up, this book covers all the important areas which a pharmacist should know using simple terms. Thus, I would like to recommend that this book as a good starting point for the students who plan to be a pharmacist in the future. 

Location:         West

Call Number:   RS100 FOU 2008

Written by:      Wa Wa Aung


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