He’s just not that into you : the no-excuses truth to understanding guys / Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

I love the movie that was adapted from this book, so much so that I could watch it over and over again when there’s nothing good on television. When I chanced upon this book in the library, I knew I had to pick up and read it in detail. Though the book is written by Caucasians and their culture is way different from our conservative Asian view, I thought it would be interesting to read it and see things from a guy’s point of view.

Well, the book did not disappoint me. This book is more enlightening for ladies than it is for men. However, generally, what the book is trying to say is that people should stop making or creating excuse for people that do not want to see us, be it friends, family or your future-dates. Included are a girl’s perspective (Liz Tuccillo), how a girl can get so hung up on a guy and ends up wasting years of her life.

This book will give you a fresh insight on things that are actually going on in your dating life, like if you’ve been with a guy for too long and he still refuses to make an effort to be nice to your friends/family, you could make up a thousand of excuse for him but at the end of the day, he is just not that into you! In this book, there is also a girl who keeps sending Greg letters on how he is wrong and basically giving excuses for the guy that she is with. You will see how crazy she sounds and perhaps reflect on your own relationship. Even if you’re not dating, it makes you prepared for the things that are coming and the mean things that people are going to throw at you. A book worth reading as it’s an insight into the male mind that not many guys would share 🙂 

Location:         West

Call Number:   Z 306.7 BEH

Written by:      Nurul Athirah


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