Smooth moves: juking, jamming, hooking & slamming: basketball’s plays, players, action & style – Derek Gentile

Basketball is probably one of the most popular ball games on the planet. The origin of this game, along with its founder James J. Naismith, has become equally well-known. Today, much has been written about the game’s history and successful players to spur up interest in basketball fans to find out and learn more.

However, unlike most other books on this topic, Smooth Moves presents to readers the history and legends in basketball in a different and more creative approach where the author Derek Gentile has included the different techniques and moves commonly adopted by the various basketball legends, such as Joe Fulks, George Mikan and Michael Jordan. Also included are illustrations of the moves for readers who are keen to pick up the moves.

If you are keen to read on more basketball-related books, such as those covering the fundamentals of basketball, officiating the game, or even becoming a basketball coach, feel free to check out GV885 GEN at Library South today!

Location: South

Call number: GV885 GEN 2003

Written by Nguyen Thanh Hoang


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