Basic Chemistry (Second Edition) – Karen Timberlake

For students in the School of Applied Sciences (SAS) who are currently undertaking the Chemistry module A201, this book will be of great help in your studies as it clears potential doubt in several concepts of Chemistry. This book aids understanding and application as it has addressed how the subject relates to real-life issues of health and environment, and is even more relevant in problem-based learning (PBL) pedagogical environments, where concepts remain in one’s memory after the student has worked out the solution to a problem.

A wide range of Chemistry-related topics have been included, and this ensures that readers with short attention span will not get bored easily. Some of the topics covered include Chemistry in Our Lives, Atoms and Elements, Names and Formulas of Compounds, and Chemical Quantities – all of which are fundamental to learners of the basics of chemistry.

For learners who are keen to progress on to more advanced topics in Chemistry, this book also provides the opportunity for further learning through the inclusion of topics such as Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends, Molecular Structure, Chemical Equilibrium, Acids and Bases, Oxidation-Reduction, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

This book will be especially useful in improving your mastery of Chemistry concepts, especially if you’re looking to get yourself well-prepared for the upcoming Understanding Test (UT).

In addition, you also can use this book for references and improve yourself to get well prepared for Understanding Test (UT).

Location: West

Call number: QD 31.3 TIM 2008

Written by Dang Dinh Bach


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