Intermediate Algebra: Graphs and Models by Marvin L. Bittinger, David J. Ellenbogen and Barbara L. Johnson

If you are taking modules A113 Mathematics or A212 Advanced Mathematics, this book will be useful to you. You may be familiar with most of the equations already. But do you know how you can apply algebra to the real world? This book contains a lot of examples and exercises which can help you realise that algebra can actually be applied to many areas in our daily lives.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning mathematics. So you actually need a lot of hands-on practice by working on all the questions at the end of each section. In addition, this book will show you how you can make use of the graphing calculator correctly to work on certain calculations.

The authors have also added study tips along the way to help you improve your study skills. You can also find a study summary at the end of each chapter. These summaries will come in handy when you just need some short revision notes on the topics.

I hope you will pick up this book from the library, work on some of the exercises provided and be well prepared for the UT.

Location: East

Call number: QA154.3 BIT 2012   

Written by Dang Dinh Bach


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