The Management and Control of Quality by James R. Evans & William M. Lindsay

How do you know if the quality of a product is good or bad? Is quality measurable? How do manufacturers ensure that their products are of good quality? This book will bring you onto the journey on understanding quality.

Nowadays, we generally do not hear much about quality, except when things go wrong. Consumers are well-informed these days and pay a lot of attention to quality. Therefore, many organisations are adopting the Six Sigma strategy, adhering to ISO9000 standards and continuously striving to improve their products, processes and services.

If you are taking the module E333 Quality Management, you should include this title on your must-read list of textbooks. This book will definitely help you in enhancing your level of understanding on quality management. After going through this book, you will have a deeper understanding on how organisations strive to maintain quality so as to upkeep their image and reputation. I believe that you will also find the content easy to read and this book has adequately covered all you need to know about quality management.

Location: North

Call Number: TS156 EVA 2005

Written by: Liau Sean Keng  


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