Graffiti world : street art from five continents / Nicholas Ganz ; edited by Tristan Manco

As we all know, Graffiti is a type of art and it is painted on a wall or any surface in a public area. This is a popular art in both America and Europe but it is not so common in Asia. This book aims to give the audience sufficient perspective about this art.

The book contains more than 2000 pictures of artworks by more than 180 artists all over the world. This allows the audience to enjoy the art completely.  The book also provides an understanding of the history of graffiti art. Graffiti is classified into 3 majority categories. The first one is America, the second one is Europe and the last one is The rest of the world. For every picture shown in this book, text accompanies it to help the audience understand the message that the artists really want to convey.

In short, this book can bring to you the world of Graffiti and provide you with the different perspectives toward to it from different continents of the world.  Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy a deeper appreciation of graffiti while admiring all the attractive art in this book. 

Location:         East

Call Number:   ND2590 GAN 2005

Written by:      Dang Dang

[Editor: You might also be interested in checking out a related title on women graffiti artists entitled “Graffiti woman : graffiti and street art from five continents / Nicholas Ganz”, call number: ND2590 GAN 2006]


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