Critical thinking / Brooke Noel Moore, Richard Parker

Nowadays, critical thinking is a required skill in most positions and jobs, not only in managerial positions. Thus, it is important for one to train and improve his or her critical thinking so that he or she is capable of better analysis.

Critical Thinking  by Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker defines the structure and content of the critical thinking. The book is written in a fun and witty way so as to make reading enjoyable.

Throughout the book, readers can find out more about the different aspects of critical thinking. For example, in Chapter 1, the difference between persuasion and argumentation is explained clearly. Coverage of informal fallacies, such as nationalism, scapegoating and guilt-tripping is also included. Besides this, exercises and examples are given in context of the current political environment.

 For further resources, a CD-ROM comes with the book, just look on the CD-ROM shelf under the same call number.  Do borrow both to get the most of the resource.   

Location:         South

Call Number:   B105.T54 MOO 2004

Written by:      Tommy


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