Sams teach yourself Facebook for business in 10 minutes / Bud E. Smith

There is no doubt that Facebook is amazingly popular now.  There are a lot of people using it, so why not treat it as a market with a huge number of potential customers? Why not make use of the time spent on Facebook for business?

 This book aims to teach you the ins and outs of using Facebook for business, without using up a lot of your precious time. Divided into easy-to-follow lessons that you can tackle in about 10 minutes each, it starts with a very simple topic which is ‘setting up your personal Facebook profile’. The following 9 topics, it delves deeper into the subject.

 There are a lot of differences between Facebook for business uses and for personal uses. This book really delves into the business uses of Facebook. As far as using Facebook goes, there‘s only a brief overview of Facebook basics.  If you need an introductory guide on using Facebook for business to get you warmed up, this book will do. 

Location:         South

Call Number:   HM743.F33 SMI 2011

Written by:      Huang Yi Heng


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