The Book of Other People – Zadie Smith

Every individual whom we meet in our lives possesses his or her own unique characteristics and personality traits, and The Book of Other People is one which speaks about these differences through some interesting stories.

A book on different characters would hardly be complete if there was only one character in the story, even if it were to detail human nature in depth. This is probably why the author has included 23 stories (each depicting a different character) in order to better tell the story. With her fantastic imagination, each person in this story had been described in an interesting and humourous manner – making this a highly readable, often comedic anthology which holds depth.

As we live in a society where the need to live, work and study together with others is always present, knowing and understanding the different personality traits of people will allow us to better understand their behaviour, and foster cooperation and ability to get along with others. When reading this book, you often find yourself nodding in agreement at the traits of people being described in the story (as each ‘story’ has been very realistically portrayed).

This is perhaps also why this book could help in relationship management as it allows the reader to better understand and be more tolerant of the flaws in each of these characters, and get along with the people around us in a more harmonious manner.

Location: West

Call Number: Z BOO

Written by Tao Ping


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