SAT for dummies – Geraldine Woods

Many students hold hopes of enrolling into and studying in the United States. If you are also one of them who aspires to study at the college or university in the United States, I believe that the book SAT for Dummies will prove useful.

This book contains tips on how to prepare for the SAT I college admission exams, together with practice examination questions, solutions and explanations on the derivation of solutions. Readers can also improve skills such as Critical Reading, Writing and Math through this book.

I am sure that we are aware that it takes a lot of practice to do well, as in life and exams. SAT for Dummies understands this and provides ample opportunity with practice with hundreds of questions. What I also found unique about this book was the inclusion of content such as ‘Ten ways to maximize your score’ and ‘Ten ways to calm down’, where these seemingly minor suggestions help ensure that the students will enter the examination setting with the right frame of mind.

Location: South

Call number: LB 2353.57 WOO 2012
*(Accompanying AV material bearing the same call number is also available)

Written by  Trinh Linh Giang


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