Programming PHP – Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe; with Bob Kaehms and Ric McGredy

Students enrolled in the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) who are either just beginning to learn PHP programing or taking Web Application Development as a module will definitely find the instructions provided in Programming PHP very useful and highly invaluable. One of the authors of this book, Rasmus Lerfdorf also happens to be the original creator of PHP in 1995.

This is one of the most comprehensive tutorial books on PHP available, and has covered most of the basics such as data types and arithmetic operators. It has even included highly advanced topics such as performance running and error handling techniques, and is by far, one of the most suitable books for both beginners and experienced programmers on PHP.

The instructions have been laid out in a clear and concise manner, thereby giving readers access to content which is relevant without overwhelming by delving into excessive details and visuals which distract.

With the Understanding Tests (UTs) just around the corner, DIT students are strongly encouraged to check out this book in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming UT1 in Web Application Development.

Location: East

Call Number: QA 76.73.P224 LER 2002

Written by: Mak Woon Chong


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