Critical thinking for students – Roy van den Brink-Budgen

As a student in Republic Polytechnic (RP), all of us are required to take ‘Cognitive Processes and Problem Solving’ as a compulsory module. But, have you ever wondered about the need for and importance of this module for RP students?

Even though each of us might be enrolled in different diplomas, there are selected modules (like this one) which are deemed ‘general modules’ and students across different disciplines are required to undergo them. Essentially, these modules seek to equip students with ‘core skills’, and critical thinking is one of them – especially given the polytechnic’s emphasis on the problem-based learning (PBL) pedagogy approach. So, if you have ever found yourself grappling with differentiating between inductive and deductive arguments, I believe that Critical Thinking for Students will serve as a useful guide for you.

This concise book comprising 122 pages serves as a good reference for students looking to improve their skills in identifying between good and bad arguments, and the ability to make comprehensive arguments by formulating sound questions.

Chapter 1 begins with an introduction of how to identify arguments in order to provide readers new to the subject with basic knowledge, and subsequent chapters proceed on to provide analysis of arguments, finding details in arguments, exploring strengths and weaknesses of arguments. Readers should, by the end of the book, be able to examine the credibility of evidences in arguments and know how to apply critical thinking skills.

Location: South

Call number: BF441 BRI 2004

Written by Nguyen Thanh Hoang


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