Circuit Analysis – Theory and Practice (International Edition) – Allan H. Robbins and Wilhelm C. Miller

Many students struggle to comprehend the concepts of functions, components and different features of circuits and its application. I too, was no exception and experienced difficulty grasping these topics when they were taught to me in class. However this book, Circuit Analysis – Theory and Practice, helped me and I hope it will also help more students understand the necessary concepts of said topics.

Written by renowned authors and reviewed by credible professionals in the field of circuit analysis, this book provides some of the most current information on this topic as it was published fairly recently in April 2012. Concepts in this book have also been written in an easy-to-understand manner, with close to 400 examples clearly written and elaborated upon. Each of these examples have also been patiently worked out step-by-step to enhance students’ understanding and problem solving abilities. Also emphasized are the learning objectives within each chapter to enable students to take note of and ensure that they understand each of them in order to excel in this subject. Furthermore, there are more than 1000 diagrams and images (presented in digital colour and 3D visual effects) to facilitate visual learning. 

To aid in revision prior to examinations, this book also includes more than 1600 end-of-chapter practice questions to enable students to test and gauge their assimilation of information. This is very useful as we all know that practice is required before we are able to perfect our understanding and knowledge. 

Suitable for E203 and E219 students, the book can help students overcome the struggles to understand the topics ahead and have a higher chance of excelling in modules pertaining to circuit analysis. 

Location: North

Call Number: TK454 ROB 2013



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