PHP and MySQL for dynamic web sites / Larry Ullman

No matter how good a programmer you are right now or at which stage you are at in learning PHP or MYSQL, this book will be helpful in improving your command of PHP code and MYSQL script.

 Currently, most of RP year 2 students are struggling in their web application module as it is a subject that combines PHP and MySQL. It’s a big challenge trying to complete the assignments with so much knowledge required.

“PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web sites” contains the concepts of PHP starting from easiest to hardest, making it suitable for different levels of people to use. For instance, it provides you with the basic syntax used in PHP that is different from JAVA or python (both of which we have learnt before). In addition, it introduces the form function, usage of array, for and while loop, which are some basic concepts to create a web site.

 The book also gives a detailed introduction to SQL. For example, you can find out how to design databases using normalization or different table types. Furthermore, it lists out different functions that are being used in MySQL, such as UPPER(), LOWER(), etc. It provides different methods using PHP with MySQL.

So, don’t wait anymore. Come and borrow it. Let the book advance you and make your learning journey easier.

Location:         North

Call Number:   TK5105.888 ULL 2012

Written by:      Chen Qunming

[Editor:  This is a review of the 4th edition of the title. You might also like to refer to this review of PHP 6 and MySQL 5 for Dynamic Web Sites by the same author (Larry Ullman)]


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