Secrets of a top-scoring student : what you can do to achieve great grades! / Linus Tham

Do you have problems scoring well in exams or have difficulties coping with your studies? Have you already worked hard but are still unable to achieve the desired results you want? It might not be because you didn’t put in enough effort, just that the strategy used may not be right. If you study using correct strategies, you could be a top scoring student too.

Many students don’t know the correct way to study and end up wasting time and effort studying blindly. This book talks about methods of study. There are many suggestions provided by the author on how we can improve and change in our studying strategy. Based on his schooling experiences, he noticed the mistakes students made during studying and wrote this book to advise people not to repeat similar mistakes.

 The six important and basic secrets are included in this book are ‘Adopt the Right Mind set’, ‘Lay the Groundwork’, “A Blueprint for Success in School’, ‘Manage your Time’, Prepare for your Exams’ and ‘Stay Healthy’. The author was also once a student, so he understands the busy student life – having to cope with studies, extra curriculum and for some, a part time job. He shared his experiences with readers, making the book very readable.

I bet all RP students, especially Year 1 pupils will need the help of this book. In our competitive environment, getting an ‘A’ is not easy. With the guide of this book, you can find the correct way to study and  adopt the correct strategy to perform optimally. 

Location:         West (Choice Reads)

Call Number:   Z 371.30281 THA

Written by:      TAN WEN CHIEN (WENDY)


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