Windows phone 7 application development for dummies / by Bill Hughes and Indrajit Chakrabarty

The IPhone changed the cell phone world with its wonderful system – IOS. People were crazy over it as it was simple to use and there were lots of apps available. But now we could have another choice in the form of the Windows Phone. Windows Phone uses the Windows Phone system. So if you are tired of the IPhone, or if you are interested in creating apps for the Windows Phone platform, or if you just like the Windows Phone, try this book.

The book talks about how to develop apps for the Windows Phone system from the very beginning. Even a rookie can do a good job. Of course this book has a lot of codes to share and it is given in a very clear manner, the explanation provided is simple and understandable. What is special about this book is that it has an introduction of the Windows Phone. The Windows Phone is like a baby we do not know much about. The book makes use of 1/4 of its content to help us know the phone better. By the way, the book is in full colour which makes it an easier read.

After reading the book, I feel that I understand the Windows Phone better and understand how the apps benefit me. As an apps developer, I found some popular ideas inside the book. As a teenager, I found what are the benefits of trying Windows apps. As a reader, I found the book to be really simple to understand.

So don’t wait to borrow it. You will swim through the Windows Phone ocean with ease and build you own apps with this wonderful tool. 

Location:         East

Call Number:   QA76.8.W56 HUG 2011

Written by:      Zhang Zhenwu


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