Shopaholic & Baby – Sophie Kinsella

The whole Shopaholic series is a fun and enjoyable read. In Shopaholic & Baby, Rebecca Brandon nee Bloomwood (also known as the shopaholic) is expecting. Married to Luke Brandon, CEO of Brandon Communications, Rebecca goes on a shopping spree for her unborn child. Rebecca and Luke has also invested money for the baby’s bank account in which they both held a competition to see who would gain more profit.

However, there is an unexpected twist to a supposedly perfect ending when they decided to buy a house of their own seeing that they are expecting a newborn. Other baby plans include going to celebrity obstrecian, Venetia Carter (who happens to be Luke’s ex-girlfriend in University) and buying the best clothes and pram for the child. Their marriage is tested when Venetia tries to break their marriage and admits to having an affair with Luke.  Whilst shopping for the baby items, Rebecca soon gets back to her old shopaholic ways, spends too much, and forgets about the necessities such as the milk bottle, diapers etc. More troubles come their way as Luke’s company is also struggling amidst the financial crisis, and they could even end up losing the house.

Interested to find out what happens to them, and if they will be able to pull through all these? Read on to find out more! Readers of this book are bound to crack up as the plot is hilarious – even for those who have yet to get married, or have children of their own!

Location: Z (West)

Call Number: KIN

Written By Nurul Athirah


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