Tourism Management by Neil Leiper

This book will be useful to students who are studying about the tourism industry as it gives a comprehensive and systematic view of tourism and the challenges faced by the industry.

The book is mainly divided into two parts: an introduction to tourism and its management and further studies in managing tourism industries. The first part of this book covers the history, tourists’ behaviour, planning the destinations in itineraries and various organisations in the industry. To give you a better understanding of this industry, the author also answered two big questions: what is tourism and who are tourists. In addition, this book gives you a broader picture on how the tourism industry can have major impacts on a country’s society, economy and politics.

 The second part of the book covers the environmental impacts and sustainability, business strategies and main challenges faced by the industry players. The author has also included several case studies which highlights successful and failed businesses across the industry. Most textbooks will cite success cases as examples. But this book has one whole chapter – chapter 15, dedicated to failed businesses, which is a unique and important feature in this book. The author believes that “successful businesses are all alike; every failed business is a failure in its own way”. Thus, every failure is a new lesson for the industry.

This book will also benefit those who are joining the tourism industry. If you intend to work in a hotel, airline or tour agency, I think it will be beneficial for you to read the first part of this book.

 Location: South

Call number: G155.A1 LEI 2004

Written by: Nguyen Thanh Hoang


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