Hitler attacks Pearl Harbor : why the United States declared war on Germany / Richard F. Hill

This book helps explain why the United States decided to escalate a limited to a total war against Germany in December 1941.  It was believed that “the predominant reason the Roosevelt administration and Congress sent an American Expeditionary Force (AEF) to Europe was the provocations inherent in Hitler’s declaration of war”.

However, the author argues that the US declared war due to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.  Americans believed that Germany was either the accomplice or the political master of Japan.

Reading this book, you may find out a lot of secrets and historical information which has never been mentioned before. You will have a deeper understanding of how politics played an important part in World War II. If you have seen the Pearl Harbour movie, you may want to know more about how America was involved in World War II.  This book is the great for people who love history books, just like me. 

Location:         South

Call Number:   E183.8.G3 HIL 2003

Written by:      Nguyen Quang Minh


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