Mathematics of choice: How to count without counting – Ivan Niven

As one can probably tell from its title, this book aims to help readers in understanding Mathematics and show them how to calculate in an easier manner. The author, Ivan Niven, is a professor at the University of Oregon and has to date, vast experience in teaching at several other universities. He hopes that through this book, he will be able to help more better understand Mathematics.

We all know that Mathematics is not an easy subject, especially when it comes to analyzing and calculating mathematical problems. Sometimes, students end up using a longer and much more complicated route to solve an equation and eventually waste crucial time and mental resources. Therefore, this book aims to help mathematics students understand the logic behind certain problems, and solve them in a much more efficient manner.

There are ten chapters in this book, where each chapter addresses a different type of mathematical problem and provides numerous suggestions on going about to solve them in an easier manner. The processes to go about doing so have also been clearly explained in detail, where the author even goes as far as using graphs in his explanation. The formulas used in every chapter have also been included in the summary at the end of every chapter, together with additional exercises which provide students with the opportunity to practice and gauge their understanding of the topic. So, if you would like to get more experience in solving mathematical problems, this book might just be able to help you out!

Location: East

Call number: QA164 NIV 1965

Written by XI AIJUN


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