Sports and Recreational Activities (Fifth Edition) – Dale P. Mood, Frank F. Muster, Judith E. Rink

With the Summer Olympic Games 2012 just around the corner, athletes everywhere around the globe are currently busy preparing for this prestigious competition. They didn’t just become proud representatives of their countries/specific sports overnight. They learned, trained and honed their sporting skills to top-notch levels just so that they are able to have a fighting chance in obtaining the much-demanded gold medal.


However, not all of us are given an opportunity to learn or even train. How about the students, teachers or even workers who want to excel in their choice of sport but has no idea on where to start?

This book, Sports and Recreational Activities, can jumpstart any person’s sports interest into a career. This text provides key information on forty different sports and outdoor/indoor recreational leisure activities. It also allows the reader to play and train themselves for these sports/activities by learning and acquiring high-level techniques, drills and lead-up games that can potentially heighten their skills. It also provides an overview on all the necessary aspects of each sport including their history, rules, strategy and etiquette. Also attached are hundreds of photos and drawings so that learning can be easier and skills can be acquired much faster.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose an activity, ranging from a relatively easy stress-relieving activity to an extreme adrenaline sport from this book and it could just turn yourself into a champion one day. Who knows, you might represent your country someday and may bring that Olympic gold medal home!

Location: South

Call Number: GV 704 MOO 2012



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