Lighting for Photography (Techniques for Studio and Location Shoots)

Most people like to take pictures when they are out on outings, or as part of their leisure pursuits. However, some end up disappointed after seeing that the quality of the images which they have taken do not turn out as well as initially expected. This is mostly attributed to less than optimal lighting conditions. In photography, lighting plays a critical role where the quality of images can be improved by leaps and bounds if the proper lighting technique is used.

This book, Lighting for Photography teaches you how to control lighting in photography. It not only shows techniques but also goes on to explain the effectiveness of the techniques. Basic principles of light (such as reflection, refraction) are also explained, and how they affect photography. Suitable lighting techniques to adopt under different weather conditions are also explained. Taking photographs in different contexts have also been included, such as taking pictures of people, objects or pets, where the subjects and focal points may differ depending on the message which the photographer would like to convey through his/her picture.

With the inclusion of many coloured images which have been beautifully taken, and useful explanation of techniques behind taking these pictures – I believe that this book will be effective for all as taking pictures to remember precious times is favoured by almost everyone. More specifically, it will serve as a great help for readers who are also interested in a career in photography as it certainly widens the scope of knowledge and understanding one has of lighting and different lighting conditions.

Location: North

Call Number: TR590 RAN 2008

Written by Aung Kyi Su Su Zin( Shelly)


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