Secrets Of The Titanic

This month, the blockbuster movie Titanic was re-released in 3D format and most people are willing to pay to watch it even though the storyline is the same. This could probably be attributed to the novelty of the 3D effect which adds a new dimension to the movie-watching experience, on top of the touching love story between Jack and Rose. In addition, some people often wonder, what was the real reason behind the sinking of the Titanic?

After years of painstaking research, scientists have finally uncovered the truth behind the ill-fated incident of the sinking of R.M.S Titanic. As someone who has always been interested in the Titanic, this video allowed me to explore and uncover the real truth behind it.

With the publisher of this DVD being the National Geographic – a well-known and authoritative information source – I am assured of the credibility of information presented. So if you too are interested in the Titanic, just spend a few hours of your spare time watching this. 

Location : South

Call Number: DVD G530 SEC 1999

Written by Zhou Yu Wei


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