International Civil Aviation Organization: An Introduction – Ludwig Weber

Do you aspire to become an aircraft maintenance engineer? Or, do you know the importance of the airworthiness legislation for aircraft maintenance engineers? Even so, do you know about the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)? If not, then this book will help get your familiarized on the organisation and what it does!

The book begins by providing a historical background to the ICAO, which informs readers about the creation of the organization and how it affects countries on a global level. It then proceeds on to discuss the institutional framework of the ICAO, such as members in the organization in order to provide readers with a better understanding of how the organization functions. Critical information for readers aspiring to be licensed engineers is also included in this book, such as the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS), on top of the 18 annexes of the Chicago Convention.

I hope that this book will enable you to become interested in the ICAO, as well as help you prepare for the exams to become a licensed engineer.

Location: South

Call number:  K4097 WEB 2007

Written by Chen Si Kai


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