What matters in learning? – Tan Ai Girl

It was the title which first caught my interest, especially for Republic Polytechnic (RP) students like us, where the problem-based learning (PBL) pedagogical approach adopted by the school is different from that of other polytechnics. In PBL where self-learning is essential, this book covers the aspects of learning who are of importance.

My facilitator has always been telling us to ‘not just study very hard, (but) study smartly and effectively’. But very often, students like us just do not know how which are the more effective approaches to adopt while studying. If you too, encounter such difficulty, then this book will inform you on how to study more effectively.

Some of the key topics in this book include self-initiated learning, group work, appropriate class size, PBL, and learning using information and communication technology (ICT). While these are topics which are usually of interest to educational practitioners across different levels of schooling (such as facilitators), I believe that students will also find the content easy enough to understand. Imagine, how wonderful it would be to have read the same book which your facilitator (or instructor) has read.

Location: South

Call number: LB 1060 TAN 2005

Written by Huang Yi Heng


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