Travellers’ tales of old Singapore, compiled by Michael Wise

Have you ever read novels or comics when you are bored? Sometimes, we may just want to read a book to relax our minds on a hot afternoon. You may have read many stories but this book is different. It contains many stories told by more than 60 travellers from 1819, the year when Singapore was founded, to 1945.   

You can always pick up any book on the history of Singapore if you are interested to know what had happened on this small island. But I find that reading the short stories in this book tells me a lot more about the people and places, living conditions and way of life during the old times. Do you know how Raffles Place look like in 1939? Or interested to find out how a market in 1877 is different from our wet market? You can take a closer look at several old photographs included in this book.

If you are looking for a book to read during vacation, I think this book will be your best choice. It will bring you back to the early days of Singapore when people rode on rickshaws and transported goods with carts drawn by buffalos.

Location: South

Call Number: DS 609.5 TRA 2008

Written by: Aung Kyi Su Su Zin (Shelly)


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