Cognition : theory and applications / Stephen K. Reed

Cognition by Stephen Reed is an effective guide for the students wanting to understand the cognitive process and other mysterious functions of the human brain. The book gives an explanation of the function of the brain, from ordinary functions such as memorizing or calculating to more complex cognitive processes such as analysing. 

The author takes a clear and effective approach of the comprehensive theories involved, helping the reader to easily manage and digest the contents of the book. The book is divided into 3 big parts: information- processing stages; representation and organization of knowledge; and complex cognitive skills. 

“What are the stages that our brain will go through when we initiate a thought?” and “How do these stages link together?” are the questions that the first stage will answer and a general picture of the brain’s function is provided. 

The second part of the book describes how a signal goes through different stages, showing how the brain memorises. 

The most sophisticated functions of the brain – analysing and cognitive processes are discussed in the third part of the book. 

The main purpose of the book is to encourage the interest of reader in cognitive psychology and the author has attempted to place a greater emphasis on the application of cognitive psychology rather than on theories which is typical of other undergraduate texts. The book includes the latest research as well as excellent articles about cognitive psychology and related topics.  Out-dated documents from the earlier edition is removed.

The book is definitely worth reading for those who are interested in the cognitive process of the brain.   

Location:         South

Call Number:   BF311 REE 2000

Written by:      Nguyen Thanh Hoang, Johnny


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