Communication skills handbook / Jane Summers, Brett Smith

This hand book is very useful as it is designed to help Polytechnic and University students at all levels improve their communication skills. Using the guidelines, students will be able to conduct a formal presentation and improve their writing and speech.

Personally, I love to read this book a lot because I have always struggled during presentations. I would feel anxious and would be unable to speak fluently. Then I found this hand book and everything changed!

The first part of the book is “guidelines for Assessment” which provides some hints and guidelines on writing. It mentions to avoid offensive language and shows some benefits from using tables, figures and graphs.

The second part of the book on referencing will help readers understand what is unethical behaviour (plagiarism and misrepresentation).

The next few parts are on “report writing” and “essay writing” guides you on how to write a good report and an essay in a formal way. It shows some common structures in writing and some samples for you to follow.

The book also explains how to improve oral presentations. For examples, it shows how to use body language to express your feelings and make your presentation more persuasive. There are also hints on the “Dos and don’ts when answering examination questions”.

I hope you will take some time to read this handbook as it is very helpful in improving your communication skills.    

Location:         South

Call Number:   LB2369 SUM 2010

Written by:      Nguyen Quang Minh


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