Fundamentals of Networking and Data Communication by Curt M.White

With the development of businesses with dispersed and inter-linked operations, the world cannot function without data communication and computer networking. Possessing the knowledge and ability to operate computer systems therefore becomes an important skill, be in professionally or socially.

This book serves as a manual for individual computer users who wish to learn more about computer networks and covers the diverse fields of computer networking. Besides providing an introduction to advanced computer networking terminologies such as local area networks (LAN), wireless networks, network security and network design.

Having been published in 2011, this ensures that readers will be kept up-to-date with the most current development in networking and data communication technology. It is especially suitable for students who are undertaking the Data Communication and Networking module to be used as a guide to help attain better understanding of networking concepts, which ultimately leads to a good grade in the upcoming UT3.

Location: North

Call Number: TK5105 WHI 2011

Written by Zhou Yu Wei


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