Fashion Retail by Eleanor Curtis

Even though technological advancements have led to the advent of electronic retailing where shoppers are now provided with the additional option to shop from the comfort of their homes, physical retailing still remains relevant. This is dependent on the product nature, where some shoppers still patronize physical outlets for the shopping experience.

This is why architectural design of physical retail stores still remains an integral part of a company’s efforts in positioning itself in order to allow customers to distinguish the fashion brand from that of competitors. The shopping environment grabs customers’ attention through sensory appeal in its attempt to entice shoppers into the world which the brand hopes to create. It is not just the products which play a critical role in attaining sales, but also that of store design layout. 

This book covers the various store concepts of designer brands and how they display apparels and accessories. To better illustrate the concepts elaborated, interiors of designer stores such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani taken from different outlets around the world have also been included. 

So, check out this book at the library and discover the relationship between fashion and architecture! 

Location – South 

Call Number – HD 9940. A2 CUR 2004 

Written by Nur Fazlyn Binte Juri



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