How to find a job on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – Brad and Debra Schepp

Online networking had indubitable become the fastest way of communication in the world currently. Survey done in UK on 2011 had shown that 1 in 4 average UK people spend more time online than asleep.  With this, online network had become a significant entity which conveys great usefulness in many aspects in people life; one of them is ‘job hunting’.

Nowadays, to find the job of your dreams, online networking is definitely needed. It provides bountiful of opportunities which will connect you to your potential employer. To be able to make full use of these opportunities, some skills and knowledge are needed.

To help people in job hunting on online networking, writer Brad and Debra Schepp published this book to teach these skills and knowledge to people. For better reader understanding,  this book is divided into two big parts-  first part is on LinkedIn (so called ‘promised land for job hunter’ which is an online network that provides lots of opportunities for job hunter) and second part is on various social networking media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The content of this book is arranged systematically such that even a layman will have not much problem to understand it. There are also many pictorial aids that will assist the reader in learning how to use the online network platforms.

I think this book will be very useful for fresh graduates who are embarking in their journey to find their dream job. Do come and check out this book at the library.

Location: South

Call Number: JOB HF 5382.7 SCH 2010

Written by Anson



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